[ESL] Difference of Make / Let / Have

Use MAKE when someone does not want to do something; when it is not one's will.
The coach made the players run five times around the field.
My mother made me wash the dishes.
Ms. Jones makes her assistant work late everyday.
Ms. Jackson always makes us make sentences.

User LET when someone wants to do something; when permission is given;
when one is allowed to do something.
My father let me go to the baseball game.
Jen let her sister wear her favorite dress.
The flight attendant let Toby have an extra pillow.

Use HAVE when someone else does something for you; it is neutral.
I had my hair cut yesterday.
Please have your boss call me.
I had a bouquet of flowers sent to my aunt for her birthday.
He always has his house cleaned on Wednesday. (maybe housekeeper or somebody.)

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