[ESL] イディッシュ語が語源の英語。てかイディッシュ語。


1. glitch
(n.) A minor problem or error.
Everything sounds good...there's just one glitch. We don't have enough funds in the budget.

2. klutz
(n.) A clumsy or awkward person.
Oops...I spilled my coffee. I'm such a klutz.

3. kosher
a. (adj.) Food that is acceptable according to Orthodox Jewish law.
Make sure you buy the kosher salt.
b. (adj) Acceptable
His behavior tonight was not kosher.

4. kvetch
(v.) To complain
Stop kvetching and get back to work.

5. Mazel Tov

6. nosh
(n.) A light snack. (v.) To nibble.
I'm hungry. Let's get a little nosh before we go home.

7. oy vey
Oh my God.
Oy vey...is it hot today!

8. Shlep
(v.) To carry or drag something heavy.
I always travel light so I don't have to shlep heavy suitcases around.

9. shmooze
(v.) To chat. To make small talk. To network.
If you want to get ahead in Hollywood, you have to shmooze.

10. schmuck
(n.) A fool. A jerk.
I can't believe he didn't say thank you. He's such a schmuck.

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