WebSphere/ Message Broker

WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) help you integrate your business processes and applications.

The brolers use WebSphere MQ to provides a secure, platform independent communications infrastructure.

Using a broker gives your applications the flexibility to select which messages to receive based on topic or content-based filters.

Messages Brokers can ensure that applications receive data in the proper format w/o knowing aynthing except their own conventions and requirements.
The broker can do the transformation outside of the applications, allowing deverse applications to work in concert. This is valuable for legacy applications which do not need to be changed.
It also means that changes in one area of the enterprise do not require reprogramming in other ares.

The Message Broker provides the framework supporting basic functions and user-defined enhancements which facilitate rapid development and modification of business processing rules that are applied to the messages in the system.

-WebSphere Event Broker
provides an optimized publish and subscribe function.
It provides high-performance nonpersistent publish and subscribe functionality to clients that are connected using various transports.

-WebSphere Message Broker
which extending WebSphere Event Broker, provides a powerful, point-to-point message broker solution driven by business rules.

-Rules and Formatter Extension
ensures continued use of existing business integration logic defined with Rules and Formatter Nodes from earlier versions of Message Broker.

WebSphere Event Broker
The Event Broker provides a method to create topics and subscription points and provides access control funstions.

■WebSphere Message Broker
The Message Broker allows you to manage the flow of information through your enterprise and integrate your applications.

In addition to the pub/sub functions of the Event Broker, the Message Broker allows you to:
-Using rules based on the contents of the message, to route a message to multiple destinations
-Transform the format of a message to accomodate the receiving application's requirements
-Interact with a database by retrieving a message or storing a message
-Modify the contents of a message.

-Processes and applications can be integrated by providing message and data transformations in a single place, the broker.
This helpls reduce the cost of application upgrades and modifications.

-Systems can be extended to reach suppliers and customers by meeting their interface requirements within the brokers; can help improve the quality of interactions, allowing expeditious responses to changing or additional requirements.

■WebSphere Message Broker platforms


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